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We help brands develop new revenue streams through the integration of online and offline customer journeys. We advise, create, manage and integrate with our ODICCI solution combined with leading technologies in email marketing and e-commerce.


Magento is the world´s fastest growing eCommerce platforms for midsize merchants. They can provide a solution with significant return on investment and feature rich eCommerce platform will provide you with unprecedented flexibility and control over look, content and functionality and therefore saving you time and money instead of developing features from scratch.


Based on your objectives, branding and target group we will build and design messages that will create customer engagement and increase your sales. We help companies in the design of email newsletters as well as templates, web forms, surveys and landing pages that can be easily adapted from campaign to campaign. Our approach is to implement personalisation whenever possible and use customer profile data to strengthen your targeting.


Our team of web experts is composed of highly skilled front and backend developers that will help you integrate the relevant components of your organisation and deliver on your vision. Our knowledge of web services will help you implement a cross channel marketing approach using email, mobile, social and digital touch points.


With our ODICCI microsite platform we help companies better interact with new and existing customers, capture data offline or online, integrate with CRM and e-Commerce. ODICCI is a unique responsive interface, focusing on how customers engage and transforming valuable customer data into personalised communications.


We view Loyalty programmes as much more than just a simple incentive programme. Emocial will work with you to improve the overall customer experience of your existing loyalty programme or we can help design a new one. We’ll help you find new ways to make it easier for customers to do business with you by helping to forge more compelling reasons for them to invest in building a relationship with your brand over your competitors.


We help companies to effectively implement email marketing campaigns. Through our 7 steps campaign management approach – plan, design, test, execute, report, analyse, optimise – we help you increase your email marketing revenue stream. All services, disciplines, expertise and technology for the complete care of your email marketing campaigns can be found at emocial under one roof. Our team follow all steps carefully to build your email marketing campaign.





With millions of transactions taking place in stores each year there is a great opportunity to engage the offline conversation and gather profiling data to strengthen your brand.

Thanks to ODICCI it is now possible to engage more closely with your offline audience, develop personal relationships and generate additional revenues.

  • Bridge the gap between offline and online
  • Strengthen offline with online tactics
  • Drive online and offline sales conversion

  • Generate unique customer registrations
  • Generate social media engagement
  • Gather relevant customer profiling data

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