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How your business can use social media on Black Friday


Social media is one of the most important aspects to consider on Black Friday. Every business have many deals for this day and your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are the perfect way to promote those offers to your customers and drive more sale to your business. Here are 7 ideas to use on Black Friday.

1) Create a hashtag for Twitter

Twitter is fast and furious, not unlike the mad dash to find those elusive Black Friday deals. Create a hashtag that is specific to your promotion and share Twitter updates throughout the day. Encourage people to take advantage of, and share your promotion. Remember to include an additional geo-specific tag of your city, or neighborhood if your product is just at a specific location.

2) Encourage story sharing on your Facebook page

Ask your friends on Facebook to share their holiday stories. I am certain that somebody will have a gut-busting comedic anecdote about some Black Friday. And, this type of sharing encourages more sharing. By encouraging some funny sharing amongst your Facebook fans, you create customer interaction and engagement.

3) Invite fans to post pictures on Instagram or Twitter

Create some buzz on Instagram with the sharing of photos. Have people take pictures of your products in holiday poses. Encourage them to be creative and fun. You could even create a contest around this. The best holiday pose might win a gift card, for example. You can also include the same hashtag that was created for the Twitter promotion.

4) Post some survival tips on your blog

Help your customers in this crazy day. Provide tips on your blog or social channels. Share suggestions, and expert advice that connects you and your business for Black Friday.

5) Create a customer appreciation video for YouTube

Tell your customers why you appreciate them. Give them sincere thanks and wrap this into a high quality video. Have your staff members in the video as well. Let them share quick comments about what they appreciate. You could even tap into Facebook’s auto play feature. Simply host the video on YouTube, but share the link on Facebook.

6) Send an email campaign to says thanks

Also, you can send an email campaign of appreciation to your clients. Thank them. Appreciate them. Create holiday specific promotions for your products and services. Suggest creative ways that your products can be given as gifts.

7) Help those who need your help

Lastly, and more importantly, go out of your way to help somebody. Help somebody who can in no way help you back. Help them because they need help. Help them because you are there to help them. Help them because it is the right thing to do.

Use one of these 7 ways which we have show you in this post and probably your business will get more engagement on social media with your customers.

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